The School of Science and Engineering’s commitment to collaboration and discovery is right in our name. By re-envisioning the traditionally divided fields of science and engineering as a continuum, we are able to combine our assets in both, building an environment for innovation and discovery that is even greater than its powerful components. We leverage our strengths to cultivate results-focused thinking and enable revolutionary solutions to some of the world’s most vexing challenges.

The Steven and Jann Paul Hall for Science and Engineering will mark a new era of research and education at Tulane University, enabling us to compete with our peers for the best and brightest students and faculty. Modern research facilities will spur faculty and student collaboration, and flexible meeting spaces will provide students critical access to mentorship and faculty guidance.

A chair or professorship is the highest academic award that the university can bestow on a faculty member, and it lasts as long as the university exists. Thus, it is both an honor to the named holder of the appointment and also an enduring tribute to the donor who establishes it.

Endowed faculty professorships and chairs are crucial for recruiting and retaining the highest-quality faculty. The greatest institutions have the best minds, the most-creative researchers and the most-engaged teachers. Building a mighty base of faculty talent enriches the academic environment, which attracts the brightest students.


Only the Audacious is inspiring a new age of academic ambition and steering a future of learning and research. Listen and watch below as Dean Kimberly Foster discusses the School of Science and Engineering and its role in empowering the audacious.


Endowed fellowships provide tuition, health insurance and a living wage stipend to help our students complete their degrees and contribute to the research and teaching mission of the university.

The graduate student population has different needs than the undergraduate population. SSE graduate students are typically financially independent, and some have families to support. The healthcare needs of graduate students also are very different. Each situation is unique, but an endowed emergency fund provides a reliable resource to help keep students enrolled and on track to complete their degrees as their personal lives evolve.

SSE graduate students present their research at regional, national and international conferences. These presentations not only assist with their professional development, but highlight Tulane research and expertise to prospective students, faculty and funding agencies. Awards of $500 per student leverage funds provided by research advisors that allow students to present at one or more conference per year.

Successful universities, both public and private, are engines for innovation — places where basic science meets technology to solve problems for the public good. In convergent science, basic scientists work alongside applied scientists, artists and designers, computer scientists, physicians and entrepreneurs in an environment designed to enhance the rate at which we develop and deploy technology. Creating a convergent research center would disrupt science-as-usual at Tulane, bringing teams into new and radically different workspaces, and implementing an innovation framework that speeds the translation of research into discoveries for the betterment of all.

Kimberly Foster became dean of the School of Science and Engineering in August 2018, bringing a renowned commitment to innovation, excellence and interdisciplinarity. In addition to being an award-winning teacher and mentor in mechanical engineering, Foster’s research on nonlinear microelectromechanical systems is credited with transforming the discipline. Together with authoring many high-level publications and receiving multiple National Science Foundation grants, she also holds six U.S. patents.

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